Hello my mini ice lollies,

Today we’re talking about the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, and whether or not it’s worth your coin!


The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is marketed as an all-in-one complexion enhancing product, said to provide ; sheer coverage ,sun protection,skin hydration, and skin brightening  .

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The specific claims of this product are:

  • Evens out skin tone; obscures appearance of wrinkles,pores & other imperfections
  • Lightweight on the skin while protecting skin with SPF 30
  • Reduces the appearance of discoloration & brightens skin over 4 weeks
  • Leave a soft & smooth to the touch appearance  to skin; skin is left natural & glowing

Some of the formula perks of this product are:

  • Oil, Paraben & Suphate Free
  • Synthetic fragrance free
  • Natural polysaccharides from Moorea Island in French Polynesia hydrate, condition, and help support natural cell renewal
  • Mineral-rich sea water uniquely revitalizes skin & adds minerals back into the skin

The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer retails for $45 & you can find this product at the following retailers:



The tinted moisturizer comes in a black (NARS do love a bit of black) plastic squeeze tube. This gives you a lot of control in terms of how much product you can dispense, which I appreciate. The shade name is on the back.


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The fact that it is a squeeze tube, unlike all other NARS foundations (which are in glass bottles) tells me that this is an easy going kind of product, one that you can ; take with you on holiday , throw in your makeup bag, and apply like you would any regular moisturizer. I think that’s the vibe NARS was going for for this product; effortless & no fuss. The product was first released in the Summer of 2015, if my memory serves me correctly- perfect for vacation season.  In total,this product comes in 12 shades.

Untitled NARS are usually pretty good at providing enough shade variety for each skin tone category. With this product specifically, because it is meant to be more sheer, I don’t think getting your exact perfect shade is something they considered. For instance, I am in shade Malaga (Med-Dark 1) and this shade suits me and would suit people a bit darker than me as well as long as they have yellow undertones as well. The one thing I found strange is that the shade arrangements & names is a bit different than the regular foundation range. In the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, I wear shade Tahoe which is Med-Dark 2 and matches me perfectly. In the tinted moisturizer, the shade Med-Dark 2 is significantly darker than my skin tone, which is why I went with Malaga. Personally, it was a little confusing trying to find my shade in store because i’m so used to the consistency in shades between different NARS products. So if you already use the foundation and you’re ordering the tinted moisturizer online or without swatching, I suggest getting a shade lighter than your foundation. I recommend looking at the shade description to get a more accurate guess.


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In terms of texture, the tinted moisturizer has a lovely , moisturizer like texture that isn’t too runny-which I like. Moreover, it has a clean, luxurious scent to it; kind of like you’re putting on an expensive cream. Since the product has factor 30 SPF, I expected it to smell of sunscreen and maybe leave a slight white cast on the skin, as sunscreen tends to do- i’m SO glad that’s not the case! However, since this product has high SPF, I don’t recommend you use it with flash photography unless you want to look like Casper the friendly ghost. The product glides on the skin like a dream and blends very well regardless of what tool you use. In terms of coverage, I would consider this product to be sheer-medium buildable coverage. If using a full pump and blending out with fingers ,a damp sponge or dense brush ( I use this one), you get a sheer coverage that just blurs out your imperfections and gives you a healthy glow. With 2 full squeezes of the product, you can build up the coverage slightly on the areas you need  and get even more glow without the product looking like anything on the skin. Once applied, your skin feels lovely & plump.

You can see how it applies in the videos below:

In terms of longevity, this product isn’t the best. If you wear it out in the sun, expect it to last about 4 hours at a maximum before fading. I will say though, it does fade beautifully! It does not cling weirdly to any areas of the skin or flake off, which I very much appreciate. If you have dry ,dehydrated skin, I think you will really enjoy this product. If you have oily/combo skin that tends to get excessively shiny, I think you would be better off with the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint  . I haven’t tried it, but the velvet matte skin tint gives you a matte finish instead of a glowy one that may be suited at controlling oil better.


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My final thoughts are; this is a lovely product. It does everything you want it to do for a tinted moisturizer; blurs out your imperfections, gives protection, looks like nothing on the skin,etc. It’s a perfect holiday product in my opinion. My only issues were the longevity and shade situation. Is it worth $45? No, probably not. I would have been much happier if it were at the $32 mark. However, it is NARS and they love cutting themselves that large margin! For me, I don’t know of any drugstore tinted moisturizers that cater to my skin tone, so it’s worth it to pay the extra $$$ for that purpose. If you have a favorite tinted moisturizer from the drugstore, feel free to leave it in the comments!

Overall: 8.5/10

Have you tried this product?

Tuti xx


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  1. I’m so shocked the SPF is so high in this product! Winner! xo


  2. We’ve heard such good things about this. Love the SPF! xx, Britta & Carli from http://twinspiration.co/


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