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Today’s post will be a review on the NEW somewhat new NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. I recently tried this out in a makeup tutorial featuring new products, and told you I’d give you the full tea on the concealer on the blog. So here it is!



The product is described as full coverageultra-lightweight” cream that blurs imperfections and conceals dark circles,redness, hyperpigmentation and acne. The formula contains “Optical Diffusion Powder” and a combination of peptides,hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to provide “daily defense”.

“I have always believed that less is more. I created this concealer so you could just dab it on with your finger, deliver the highest level of coverage with the least amount of product, and still look completely natural.”—François Nars, Founder and Creative Director

Some of the claims are:

  • natural-looking finish
  • light-diffusing effect that blurs and smooths
  • soft-matte finish, all day wear
  • non-cakey & won’t settle into fine lines

The concealer contains 6.2 grams of product and retails for 30 USD . 


The concealer can be found at the following retailers:


The concealer comes in a small jar , fairly traditional with cream concealers. The product is meant to be applied with fingers or you could use a brush. Personally, I don’t like jar concealers because I feel like they get messy quickly and I don’t think it is very hygienic. The concealer lid is the typical NARS black rubberized material; looks very pretty, but gets dirty fast. I am happy that the jar is very sleek and professional looking, and because it is made of acrylic, you can travel with it with no worry of it breaking. The shade name is located on the back of the jar.



Speaking of shades, the concealer comes in 16 shades that are in accordance to the shades in the Radiant Creamy Concealer. I think this was done to make it easy for people to shade match if they already have the other concealer. NARS is known for having base products that lean more towards the yellow/olive undertones, so keep this in mind if you prefer a pink/red undertone. Some of the concealers have a more neutral undertone as well. I think the shade range is pretty good so far, as they have around 3-5 shades for each skin tone group. I definitely see some gaps where they could add a few more shades in the future. I picked up the shade “Caramel Med/Dark 2” which is my usual shade in the Creamy Radiant concealer. I have now figured out that the difference in the shades between the two concealers is in the opacity, the Soft Matte concealer has more pigment in it which makes it appear lighter than the creamy radiant because the pigment is densely packed, to me at least. This is something I was confused about in the video below.

L to R: Nars Creamy Radiant ‘Caramel’, Too Faced ‘Deep Tan’, Nars Soft Matte ‘Caramel’

In terms of application, the concealer does glide on very smoothly. The texture is surprisingly light-weight, as I expected a cream concealer to feel dense and heavy on the skin; not the case at all. I can definitely feel the powder element of this concealer as it does not feel moisturizing in the slightest and feels matte instantly. In the video, I applied a LOT of concealer as I expected it to blend out seamlessly and melt into the skin. I do the same with all my liquid concealers and it works perfectly. However, as you can see below, I should have gone light-handed with this product as it does,in my opinion, look obvious and sit on top of the skin rather than mesh in with your skin as liquid concealers do.

I applied the concealer with a foundation brush then blended it out with a beauty blender. The concealer did not sink into the fine lines under my eyes and did not crease. However, it did make my under eyes look quite dry in person and this did increase as hours went by. I am also not sure what “blurring effect” they were talking about, because this concealer didn’t blur anything. On the face, the concealer clung to any/every dry patch/texture/etc on my face and looked horrendous. When I tried this concealer on my nose, it emphasized dry patches and looked very cakey, to the point where I had to wipe it off immediately. Mind you, this was after I had heavily moisturized my face, and I assure you my skin isn’t the extreme desert this concealer made it out to be. I have dry skin, not  parched,searching for any moisture,cracking skin. It was not a cute look!

In terms of coverage, I did not feel like it was as full coverage as it claimed to be. Definitely not enough for me to wear without corrector, be it under my eyes or on discoloration on my face. Also, if you try to layer this product, you will end up with a cakey mess– regardless of how you apply it. Moreover, because the concealer sits on top of the skin, I did feel like I had to set it (even though it is matte) , otherwise, the product moved around and became patchyFor me, this is definitely not a “dab and go” concealer. I have to say, I am quite disappointing with this product. It really didn’t do me any favors.  I think if your skin is more on the oily side, you might have better luck with it sinking into the skin and looking better. If you have large pores, use a primer with it because I am sure the concealer will make them look 10x worse. Personally, I would not reach for this concealer day to day. I would use it for video/photo purposes because it looks better on camera, but that’s about it.

Overall : 3.5/10

Not worth the hype!

Have you tried this concealer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tuti xx


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  1. emzynelson says:

    Good to know thank you!


  2. fashopolitan says:

    super awesome blog!!!

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    1. tutistales says:

      Thanks so much! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. fashopolitan says:

        you’re welcome

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  3. 3C Style says:

    Thanks for this great review. I was actually thinking of trying this product. Not anymore!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. tutistales says:

      Glad it was useful to you!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. mariiacano says:

    This is such a great review! I love how you gave such a great overview of the product before sharing your own opinion/experience. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. It works for me, but it’s kind of hit and miss. Today I used it very lightly on my under eye and layered it with Tarte’s Shape Tape. Worked great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tutistales says:

      Thanks so much Maria! Glad it works for you x

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  5. Thank you for the honesty
    I’ve been seeing rave reviews on this everywherr

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tutistales says:

      Thanks for reading! x


  6. jazminheavenblog says:

    This review has been so helpful! I was going to buy this but now I don’t think I will considering I have dry skin as it is so I don’t think it will do me any favours xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. tutistales says:

      Glad you found it helpful Jazmin! 🤗

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  7. Thanks for the honest review. In general, if multiple big youtubers vlog about the same product within 2 weeks to each other, there’s a high chance that all those are pure ads for duds.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. tutistales says:

      That’s why I was so confused when it didn’t meet what everyone else was saying! A bit annoying cuz I had high hopes. Thanks for reading Joyce! x

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