Hello my little dippin’ dots,

First off, thank you so much for the positive feedback on my last post! It’s always a little daunting doing a post like that because people don’t always agree, but i’m so glad I did it and that some of you can relate!

Today i’m reviewing the Smashbox Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette in the shade  “Golden Hour“. Let’s get into it!


The Cover Shot palettes are travel sized palettes described as

” A collection of seven portable palettes, inspired by trends seen at the studio—from matte to metallic to bold “


There are 7 total palettes, each with a different mix of shades and finishes; from bold vivid mattes to high sparkle shades. The design of each palette features twobase shades” of a larger size at the top of the palette; these shades are meant to be used as a base before applying any of the other “high impact accent” shades. The base shades on each palette are different and complement that specific palette. There are six high impact shades in each palette; eight colors total/palette. The palettes retail for 29 USD and contain 7.65g of product.

Some of the claims are

  • Highly pigmented shadows
  • “Beyond blendable color”
  • Velvety texture
  • Wearable quality

The palettes can be found at the following retailers:



Probably the most Instagram-worthy part of this product; the packaging. When these palettes first launched, the packaging was all over social media for its  image of splattered eyeshadow that shifts when you move the palette. This is a really cool design on Smashbox’s behalf as it very easily grabs your attention in the store. Each palette has different color variations of this image-shifting feature.


Beyond the face of the palette, the packaging is a sleek black hard plastic material, with the  names of the colors on the back. The palette closure is magnetic (and of decent strength), which ensure that it doesn’t pop open when travelling. Inside, there is a magnifying mirror of a decent size- which is a useful feature for on-the-go application. The size of the palette is literally small enough to carry in a clutch bag; I don’t know when you would need to do that, but it’s good to know!


The shades in the Golden Hour palette are described by the brand as “Creamy, lit-from-within” shades.  The colors range from pale ivory gold  & rose gold to a rich purple and slate grey. The undertone of the shades is what I would describe as warm-neutral. The two base shades in the palette are a creamy white and a very light sand color.


In terms of texture, these shadows (especially the accent shades) are extremely velvety and buttery to the touch. The issue with that is that they are very easily dented in the pan because the product is so soft, and they have a lot of fallout (especially the darker shades). This was a bit disappointing and made application tricky. Another thing I noticed is a lack of uniformity in pigmentation level across the colors. To my surprise, the color with the most pigment and least fallout is the matte creamy white base shade.

IMG_0834.JPGThe three darkest shimmer colors ,Psyched, Rock Stars & Stare, gave me the most trouble as the fallout (especially on the purple) was immense. Moreover, the pigmentation level with a brush left much to be desired. I found that fingertips or wetting the brush showed the shimmer of the shadows more and made the color stick to the lid better.

You can see swatches here:

Another issue I had with this palette is the lack of any dark matte shades. In my opinion, one of the base shades should have been a darker matte color that could be used as a transition shade. The colors provided as bases in this palette are only suitable to use all over the lid/as transition shades for those with fair skin. When I tried to use the light camel shade it looked extremely unflattering on my skin tone (I am around an NC45 in MAC for reference). Smashbox could have made this palette more universal by including a good transition shade. Beyond that, anyone creating a full eyeshadow look would need a deep matte shade at some point. For that reason, I can’t see myself travelling SOLELY with this palette and not need an additional color from somewhere else. In the video below, I ended up using the rust shade as a transition, which isn’t ideal because it’s shimmery-but it was the only tone I could work with.

You can see the application here :

Also, because the dark shades have a lot of fallout (even with a heavy duty primer) I found that I had to go in multiple times to get the desired pigment on my eyes. As for the lighter shades, I also had to go in multiple times but this time it was because the color I was using on my lid (the rosegold shade) seemed to go patchy and  apply unevenly. Maybe I need to play around with the palette more and figure out how to apply these shades the best, because I was struggling! In terms of wear time, these shadows lasted around 4-5 hrs on my lids (with primer) without turning into a hot mess and fading together ; OK but not amazing (but they do not claim to be long-lasting).


I give this palette 7.5/10 .

Beautiful colors and great concept but application needs some work!

Have you tried any of the Cover Shot palettes?

Tuti xx


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  1. I’m tempted to get this in Ablaze.
    Nice review. I’ve heard several complaints about pigmentation, which is why I’ve held off on purchasing.


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    1. tutistales says:

      Thanks for reading! x

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  2. Hey Girl!
    Nice shades! 😍
    ThnQ for Sharing,
    Miss B.💋

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    1. tutistales says:

      Thanks for reading! x

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      1. Your’re Welcome! 😀😘

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  3. We have the ‘Ablaze’ palette and absolutely love it! xx, Britta & Carli from

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    1. tutistales says:

      I wanna try that one! x


  4. soobeautis says:

    When I first saw these in at Sephora, I’m like wow it’s really small but realized it’s travel-size haha. Great review btw! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tutistales says:

      Haha. Thank you x

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  5. Silksache't says:

    love these colors

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tutistales says:

      They’re gorgeous!

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  6. quinncove says:

    Beautiful colours indeed! Thanks for the video and review ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tutistales says:

      Thanks for reading!

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