Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color // FIRST LOOK

Hello my mini custard creams,
Today we’re talking about the Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye color in the shade ‘Naked Bronze 01’ ! By now you guys should know that a bronze eye is my go to look. I’ve been wanting this product for ages because I thought it would be a perfect quick and easy product for summer, that won’t budge. When I finally got it, obviously I went for the most wearable shade-the bronze! Let’s get into the review:



The product is an eyeshadow duo featuring the cream eyeshadow base at the bottom and the “celestial, sparkling powder” eyeshadow at the top. The packaging is a two tiered pot with separate compartments for the cream and powder shadows. The cream shadow comes with a plastic “cap” to protect it when it is new; you will probably lose this. It also features a mirror. The white color of the packaging isn’t my favorite, but it is signature for Tom Ford’s summer launches. The product comes in a cute little golden, textured box to try and ease your pain after spending $62.00 on luxury eyeshadow ! [Spoiler alert; it doesn’t help, but it sure is cute!] .



  • Ultra-pigmented
  • Metallic cream that glides onto lids
  • Rich, molten glow appearance
  • “Summertime eye”- which I assume means longlasting


You can purchase the product from the following retailers:


On the Tom Ford website, there are 5 shades to choose from-ranging in tone from cool to warm. Since the product is a summer launch, the shades do feature a lovely bright gold (“Sun Worship”) and nice rose gold shade (“Paradiso”). All the shades are extremely wearable and beautiful. Also, the benefit of having a matching/complementary shimmer shade with each cream color is that you can literally just slap it on and go-you don’t have to spend too much time on it.



On the Sephora website, they seemed to carry only 4 shades, so definitely look on multiple websites online if you want to buy this, so you can see the full range of shades. Also, the colors of each shade on the Sephora site are NOT accurate (just a heads up).



In terms of swatches, they are a pretty good depiction of how the product looks on the lid. I was a bit disappointed with the shimmer powder eyeshadow as I expected it to pack more of a punch/pigment. I would consider it more of an overlay than an eyeshadow you can wear by itself. Also, it’s hard to pick up the product with a brush/your finger. With a brush, you get virtually nothing. With your finger, the product forms a slight seal on the top that makes it difficult to grab. The only way for me to get product is to lightly scratch the surface of the eyeshadow and then go in with a brush. The formula is not the best on the powder. The color features some fine glitter and micro-shimmer so it is really pretty; just not worth the hassle of trying to get it on your eye. Also, I did not feel like it game me the glow/shine I expected.IMG_0778.JPG

The cream eyeshadow is super smooth and pigmented, the swatch above is from me barely touching the product with my finger. A little goes a long way!   I like how creamy it is to blend over your eyelid; it doesn’t dry immediately but it doesn’t budge when it dries, so you have some time to get it where you want it. I really loved the glow it gave to my lid and how reflective it was. It did crease slightly throughout the day but I also didn’t use a primer and I have oily lids. I was also pleased to know that the color did not fade at all throughout the day. Very happy with the cream color! The only somewhat similar product I used to this was the L’Oréal Infallible 24 HR Eyeshadows ; these are super creamy and blendable powder eyeshadows that resemble a cream in texture because they are so buttery-they didn’t have the same shine and ease of use, but they are somewhat  comparable if you are on a budget!

You can watch me use it in the video below, of course you can just wear the eyeshadow on its own….but I was being extra so:


I was very pleased with the cream eyeshadow (powder..not so much) . This is a super beautiful product if you can bear the price and don’t mind the extra work for the powder eyeshadow. However, I think there are some less expensive cream eyeshadows on the market that could deliver similar results.

Overall : 9/10

Have you tried these?

Tuti xx


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  1. ChelleBelle says:

    Love it! The cream looks so lovely!

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