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Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks!


The product is described as a highly comfortable, long-wear , transfer proof liquid lipstick with intense color payoff. What they forgot to mention about the liquid lipsticks is that they are HEAVILY scented with a sweet/almost frosting like fragrance- which I did not know prior to purchasing. Something to keep in mind if you are sensitive to scents like me.

The claims are:

  • matte finish
  • maintains lips’ hydration
  • lightweight
  • transfer-free finish

The Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks are sold online in many stores and in all major beauty retailers (ex: Sephora/Ulta). They retail for $20.00 full size. The minis retail for $40.00 a set.


The packaging of the full size liquid mattes and the minis is the same- a frosted acrylic bottle with a doe foot applicator and the branding on the front of the bottle. The applicator itself is quite comfortable on the lips- not hard or inflexible. It has a good amount of product on it, I didn’t find myself having to dip back into the product multiple times. The only qualm I have is that the frosted acrylic makes it difficult to see how much product you have left. Also, the shade you see through the packaging is not identical to the shade of the actual lipstick-so look for swatches  if you are planning on ordering online.


The mini lipsticks came inside a box with a branded clear sleeve on the outside, and the shades of the lipsticks on the back of the box. This outer packaging is seen with the full size product as well. img_0551



Overall the liquid lip line has 19 shades, which now feature some new metallic formulas and a good array of neutrals and brights. The line seems to be incorporating some more daring shades as of late.

img_0561With regards to the minis, Huda has four sets of four mini lipsticks each. I have a lip swatch video for ‘The Nude Edition’ minis if you would like to see the colors on


I also have a tutorial using one of the shades here:



In terms of performance, I would say these lipsticks did cover some of the claims. I found the formula to be extremely light on the lips, almost undetectable. For a matte lipstick, these were not excruciatingly drying or cracking on the lips-they are comfortable enough for a liquid lipstick-but by no means do you feel like you’re wearing a moisturizing cream lipstick. You may know by now that I am not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks-in fact I don’t like them at all, something about the texture and the dryness on the lips. If you are a skeptic like me, I would probably suggest these lipsticks to ease you into the more drying ones from other brands.

One thing I didn’t like (apart from the scent which I found to be overpowering) is the coverage level of these lipsticks. From the claims, I expected to have complete opacity from the product in ONE swipe. If you watch the swatch video (wherein I used only the product on the doe foot applicator-I did not re-dip), you can see my lip color is still somewhat visible underneath the lipstick. To me the final look appears to be somewhat messy because it is not completely opaque nor sheer. In terms of transfer resistance and longevity, I found these lipsticks to be very transfer resistant for the most part- as long as you don’t apply many layers. If you eat something oily , it will break down slowly and transfer and start to break down. However,when I let it dry on my hand completely, it does not budge for around 7 hours.

In practical use, for a work day, I see this product lasting well without feathering for most of, if not all, of the day depending on what you have for lunch. I do notice however that your lips start to feel dryer around the 3-4 hour mark- so I don’t think this maintains your lips’ hydration as it claims. The major bummer for me from this product is that I think I have developed a reaction to it because of the fragrance. My lips became extremely dry , itchy, and scabbed on the sides after using it. Something to keep in mind if you have sensitivities to fragrance, I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t understand the need to add fragrance to everything in makeup these days-especially lip products.


I give this product a 7.5/10 .

Not life changing, but not the worst thing ever.


Let me know if you’ve tried these, and  what product you want me to review next!

Tuti xx


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    the shades are life

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