Hello my mini cupcakes,

Just wanted to share with you this quick, super messy brown smoky look that I’ve been really into lately. Sometimes I like a bit of mess in a sea of prim and proper !(take that as you will ). Here’s the video

These are the products I used:

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad “Cocoa Mirage”
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette “Triple Fudge”
Revlon Super Lengthening Mascara
MAC 217 &224
Sephora Liner Smudge brush
Smashbox flat liner brush

Let me know if you want any specific looks from me and i’ll be sure to do them!

Tuti xx


7 Comments Add yours

  1. itiswhatit says:

    Thai Tom ford brown looks incredible I’m a brown eyes shadow girl ! I need this xxx ❤️

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      1. itiswhatit says:

        Oh I didn’t mean Thai 🙈 that****

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    1. tutistales says:

      So sweet! Thank you doll 😊💜

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  2. I like it. It’s a real sassy look!!!

    ❤ Alana

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