Hello lovelies,

Today I want to share some tips on how to ace a job interview and get the job your dream job!


Doing homework prior to the interview is your greatest ally. You need to not only be familiar with the company in general and the position itself, but also the small details (core values/mission statement/etc) that the company has to offer. You should also have your resume on lock down and try to link the experience you’ve had to the skills they are asking for.


You have been called in for an interview for a reason. The potential employers see something in you they like on paper, and would like to get to know you better as a person. Be confident in yourself and your abilities; you deserve to be here just as anyone else called in does. If you have anxiety like me, the best thing to do is to just do it. Walk into the interview with your head held high and a smile on your face. The more you think about everything that will go wrong, the more you will work yourself up, so try not to do that.


Always remember that an interview is a conversation. Try to relax and speak to the manager like they’re a person. Just go with the flow of the conversation, often times the manager wants to get to know your personality as well as your qualifications.


When you believe that good things will happen and you act accordingly, good things WILL happen. Believe you will get your dream job, visualize how happy you are working there, it will happen.

Hope these tips are helpful!

Tuti xx



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