Hello my chocolate chip cookies,

Today I’m sharing with you some products from the Sephora brand that you may have overlooked, but they are worth trying!

Eyeshadow Singles & Eyeliner


Sephora single eyeshadows are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be! They have great pigmentation and are fairly blendable, not to mention the range has such variety in terms of shades and textures. I highly recommend giving the single eyeshadows a swatch the next time you’re in Sephora. I have found that the eyeshadows in palette form aren’t as great, so I would stick to the singles. I only have one shade from them thus far, but I have tried others and purchased some for my sister-she loves them!


The Sephora Contour 24/7 Waterproof  12 Hour Wear Eye pencil is also very good. I picked this up a whim one day because I needed a brown eyeliner on holiday. I have the shade 12 (Tiramisu) . It is opaque in pigment and glides on fairly easily. As for it’s 12 hr, waterproof claim, I think that depends on the person. For me, I have very watery eyes so most eyeliners don’t last very well in the waterline. This eyeliner lasted around 6 hours before fading. However what I like about this product is that it doesn’t bleed and give you raccoon eyes by the end of the day, it just slowly fades away. They have a collection of shimmer/glitter/matte formulas and a wide variety of shades-check it out if you need a specific color and don’t want to break the bank!

Face Powder

The mattifying 8 hr face powder is something I can’t decide if I love or hate yet. I got this in a warm dark shade so I can use it as a bronzer. It blends really nicely and is quite pigmented, so you do have to use a light hand. My issue with this is that I feel like it fades fast on me, and I don’t even have oily skin. So I’m not quite sure where the long wear claim comes in. Other than that it does look nice on the skin for the first few hours, so I would use this more for an event that only required makeup for a few hours.


The waterproof eyebrow pencil is probably the product that I’d recommend the most out of the lot (along with the eyeshadows). The pencil is retractable and has a very fine tip, which allows you to get a lot of precision. I have the shade midnight brown and it works very well with my hair color; not too warm and cool enough. The brush on the other side is tiny and not suitable for my bushy brows haha, I do use it to comb through my eyelashes however and it works great! This product is quite long-lasting and stays put through humidity and sweat, so that’s a plus from me! If you’ve been wanting to try the ABH Brow Wiz, try this beforehand and maybe you’ll like it just the same.



Let me know what your Sephora faves are!

Tuti xx



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  1. thefabfox says:

    I love a lot of products from the Sephora collection (especially brushes I’ve had good luck with!) the face powder didn’t work for me though? It faded quick and made my skin feel oily!

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    1. tutistales says:

      Wow that sucks! Maybe I didn’t experience that because I just used it as bronzer and didn’t use much? Hm I’m not sure.


  2. Yes! I love the Sephora collection and it’s so underrated. I totally agree with you on the eyebrow pencil, haven’t tried the others. I’m a big fan of their cream lip stains, for $14 they’re so long lasting and transfer proof etc. I also like their bronzers and liquid highlighters 🙂

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    1. tutistales says:

      Omg i’ve heard about the cream lip stains! I should try that. Thanks for reading and sharing your faves x

      Liked by 1 person

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