Hello my glazed donuts,

Today I wanted to talk to you about one of my top luxury brands, Tom Ford beauty. If I were to splurge on designer makeup, Tom Ford is always at the top of my list. I enjoy the brand not only because it has exquisite quality items, but also because I love the brand’s general aesthetic and ethos; which is to amplify your own individuality and reveal your most glamorous, inspirational self. Personally, when I purchase a luxury item, one of the major elements of having that item is feeling glamorous when I use it for a special occasion.

I have word in close proximity to the Tom Ford brand, and have been exposed to all their products. I have tried some gems that I will recommend to you at the end of this post. However, let’s now get into the products I actually own and adore! [I have spoken briefly about these items in (here & here ) ].

TF EYESHADOW QUAD (Cocoa Mirage- $82)


Sigh. I literally just love these eyeshadows. They have everything I look for in an eyeshadow in terms of quality and performance. Moreover, these shades are universally flattering.  I also love that they come in a quad because it makes it easy for travel and is idiot proof since all the colors go together! The combination of these shades gives you a sultry, soft smoky eye that is beautiful on every skin tone.


  • The eyeshadows are extremely blendable
  • Very pigmented
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting (they don’t fade- even without a primer)
  • Do not have fallout, and have a buttery texture


Each of the Tom Ford quads feature a stand out shade that is usually a shimmer/metalic/glitter finish- these shades are extremely beautiful and do not have fallout like many other glitter finish shades. The next quad on my list is the Honeymoon quad- which features BEAUTIFUL warm pinks , purples and golden tones.

tom ford.png


My only issue with the Tom Ford quad (and most of the other items in his beauty line) is the packaging. Though it is light and good for travel, it is also very relective and shows smudges/etc. I have also noticed it scratches easily. Though the quads do come in a protective velvet pouch, if you want to avoid all that haha.

Overall I give this product a 9.8/10. Highly recommend for anyone looking for some high-end eyeshadows. You won’t be disappointed. You can purchase this product here.

TF Contouring Cheek Color Duo (Stroked- $77)

Every single time I wear this on my cheeks I get compliments. EVERY. TIME. So I’m sure that it has some sort of sorcery! This duo consists of a highlighter and a ‘contour’ shade. Let me tell you right now that the shade included (a satin, warm terracotta shade) is by no means a contour shade. At best, it could be considered a (very warmn) bronzer. I use it as a blush. The highlight shade is a what I would describe as a peachy/beige-y tone. It is by no means as gold/champagne/pink like a typical highlighter is in tone .



  • Very good pigmentation (use a light hand and build it up-it’s very buildable)
  • Finely milled-feels like butter
  • Extreeeeemely blendable- looks seamless on the skin, no start/stop lines, blends effortlessly
  • Very flatterning (on med/dark skin especially)
  • The highlighter is beautiful- the shine is glowy and glamorous (the only way I can describe it)
  • Does not emphasize any skin texture issues-glides on the skin
  • Wears extremely well on the skin (even in hot/humid weather)- starts fading only after about 8 hours of wear.
  • Fades very well- is not blotchy


Packaging (same as quad)

Overall I give this product a 9.8/10. Highly recommend if you can get your hands on it.


As I said earlier, I have tried other items from the brand. These are my top 2 must haves.


If you are a regular liquid liner wearer- you need this product. It is by far the BEST liquid eyeliner on the market at the moment, and definitely the best one I have ever tried.


  • It is very black and pigmented
  • DOES.NOT.BUDGE- at all
  • No fading
  • No streaking
  • No flaking
  • Even pigmentation
  • Easy to work with
  • Does not dry out quickly
  • 2 precise felt  tips for application
  • Extremely long lasting- will last through any weather conditions pretty much

The rest of your makeup could be melting after a 12 hour day and this eyeliner will still be on , and look exactly as it did when you first applied it.  My one and only complaint about this product is that the pen is a bit heavy, literally that’s the only issue with it at all ever in life. Okay i’m done now. 

Overall 9.9/10




This foundation looks so beautiful on the skin-radiant/glowy, natural, flawless & undetectable. A must have for an evening out where you want coverage but you also want to be glowy and look natural. It is also long lasting and has a great shade range. Absolutely loved this product.Overall 9.9/10

I hope this brand focus review was useful/enjoyable!

Tuti xx


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  1. Wow, great shadows by the sound of it! x

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    1. tutistales says:

      They’re one of my faves!

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      1. Maybe I’ll check it out?…

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  2. Wow! You are going to make me go out and get that Tom Ford pallette. I can’t believe I haven’t bought anything from his line yet. As many rave reviews as I’ve heard about the line and his products I’m going to have to kick myself for not experimenting with this brand sooner. But I have a trip coming up at the beginning of November and I think when I get to Chicago that’ll be part of my shopping splurge. Also some of the verbiage in your first part of your post had me thinking as you were describing your reasons for purchasing luxury items would you be interested in filling out a short survey on luxury shopping? Take a look at my post, The For The Love of Things Project. Again, great post!


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