Hello my chocolate buttons,

Today’s post is another edition of ‘Friday Food Fancy’- the series where I literally make food I fancy..(you guessed it) on a friday! Ain’t that a hoot! This edition involves chocolate because it’s the time of the month, and nothing says PMS like the DIRE (sometimes frightening) craving for all things chocolate.

In a frantic search through my kitchen cabinets, I soon realized there was nothing chocolate-y readily available to me, to my dismay. So I quickly took to my old pal google to find an easy recipe for a chocolate mug cake, since I usually more or less have the ingredients for that and it takes less than 3 minutes in total to make. YAY!

I used a recipe I found on Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen because the picture looked appealing (and it was the top result and I was lazy soooo). After some quick ingredient substitutions, I began making my chocolatey delight.



I substituted:

Coconut Oil for sunflower oil

Maple syrup for honey

Oat flour for self-raising gluten free flour blend


Very simple. You mix all your dry ingredients together before you start adding in your wet ingredients. You could do this directly in your mug, but I just did it in a bowl because I prefer to work with a larger surface area (mixing is easier that way).



I then transfered it to the biggest mug I could find. You don’t have to do that; I just wanted a lot of cake.



I then popped it in the magical machine that is the microwave, for 1 minute. The recipe suggests 1-1.5 mins, but if I make this again i’d keep it in for less than one minute because I want it to be a bit gooey. I think if you use a butter substitute/ coconut oil it would be more moist in general, so you could keep it in for a minute or more and you’d be fine.



After the minute was up, I had cake, and I was very (as in overly) excited. Time to make the sauce! This sauce is made up of cocoa powder, any liquid sweetener and milk. Mine turned out more runny in consistency than the one in the original recipe, but it tasted great so I didn’t care much.



Lastly, pour the sauce over your cake and devour! I think I actually inhaled mine, it was very delicious (and I was very hormonal).



Hope you enjoyed this post!

Tuti xx


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  1. shaunz says:

    Nice, i could eat a piece of that..;)


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