Hello my peanut butter cups,

Today I wanted to let you in on my favorite face masks because who doesn’t love a good at home spa day? I know I do! And nothing completes a spa day quite like a face mask.

I usually do a face mask once a week (or when I feel like I need it), and decide which mask to use based on the ‘category’ of mask it is & what my needs are at that point. Usually, I go for hydrating masks as my skin is usually dehydrated since I essentially live in the damn desert..anyways, these are my favorite masks in each category!


Exfoliating is probably my favorite step of my daily skincare routine. On a daily basis I tend to use a manual exfoliant (like a face scrub or brush with my cleanser). However, I use a chemical exfoliant once in awhile to really break down the top layer of dead skin and make my skin smooth and radiant. My favorite masks for this task are the Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask & the PTR Pumpkin Enzyme Mask .

Gritty texture-Leaves skin radiant & texture-free

I first got the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Mask in a set with two other masks from the brand. This mask is quite amazing in exfoliating your skin both manually , with the microbeads , and chemically with the enzymes & AHA. You apply the mask on  clean skin and leave it on for around 7 mins; it burns, but not excruciatingly so. The only negatives I have about this product are the smell (very strong, some people say it smells like pumpkin pie..i hate pumpkin pie), and it is not very easy to rinse off the face. I use a dampened face cloth to remove the mask ,because it takes ages otherwise, then I rinse my face thoroughly. I highly recommend this to someone looking for an exfoliating mask that gives you results you can instantly see.

Creamy texture- leaves skin baby smooth & bright.

The Caudalie Mask is a newer addition to my mask collection, but one that has become a fast favorite. This product basically just looks like a white cream, and does not have a very strong scent. You apply it to clean skin, leave on for 10 mins and voila! It feels really nice and comforting on the skin. I would use this mask in prep for a party/special occasion because your skin literally becomes noticeable soft( like really soft)  and bright after using this; I love it.  Definitely a must have for anyone looking for a gentle exfoliant with lovely results.


My all time FAVORITE hydrating mask is the Glamglow Thirstymud mask. I talked about this mask in my “Glowing Summer Skin” blogpost, where I mentioned I use it on no makeup days for that extra boost of glow. It makes your skin incredibly radiant and my face feels very nourished after. The best part is that a little goes a very long way so it will last you ages. This is a must have for people with dry skin, everytime I use it I am complimented on my skin (YAY!). Highly recommend!


Light gel texture- calming & relaxing (for extra cooling effect, put it in the fridge!)

I use calming masks when my skin isn’t feeling that fab and is irritated due to weather change/hormones/threading etc. I have sensitive skin so It can get aggravated easily. My favorite mask to deal with that and calm my skin down is the PTR Cucumber Gel Mask. This was the one of the masks I got in the mask trio bundle that I mentioned above, that introduces you to the Peter Thomas Roth mask. I didn’t think I would like this mask to begin with because of the gel consistency- I didn’t like the idea of my face feeling slimy. However, once I tried it, I fell in love. It feels sooo good on your skin especially if your skin is going through a hard time; it’s very cooling and refreshing while being very light (and it’s not really ‘slimy’) . I find it really relaxing and calming, and my skin is a lot happier after I use it It’s a great mask for people with skin that basically gets too hot and bothered often- it’s like after-sun but for your face! Gotta love it.

Hope this was helpful to those of you shopping for a new face mask ^_^

Tuti xx



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