Inner Beauty :Health Supplements

Hello my butter croissants,

Today I wanted to share with you the supplements I take that support beauty on the inside; aka, a healthy body. To know about why I love these supplements & swear by them, keep reading!

Probiotics & Gut health:

I wish I knew about the importance of probiotics years ago, they changed my life. I have always has issues with my gut, as I have IBS and have had anaemia for most of my life due to not being able to absorb nutrients properly (to keep it simple). This has lead to many issues that extend beyond just feeling tired or having stomach pain from eating certain foods. Within the last 9 months, I started using probiotics daily because I had developed food allergies (dairy/eggs/gluten) stemming from my bad immune health, which is from my bad gut. After being frustrated with my doctors who continued to prescribe me heavy medications that were too strong for me, I read up on probiotics and how they can cure gut issues for many people. So I thought, what the hell? Let’s go for it. Since taking them daily, I have noticed major improvements in how easy I digest food, how my IBS symptoms have diminished significantly (about 80%), and my allergies have reduced significantly in severity. Very Happy!! The brand I am loyal to and have seen the fastest results with is the NOW Foods Probiotic 10 25 Billion– I keep them in the fridge for maximum results, they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G . They are also free of gluten/dairy, which is a massive plus!


Vitamin B-12 & Energy levels:

I’ve been taking vitamin B-12 for almost a year now, purely because I read that it helps with energy and I’s like to be more energetic day-to-day. I’ve found that the liquid form of B-12 seems to work better for me that pills, but I’m sure the injectable form works best. The brand I use is Vitacost The taste isn’t great, but it gets the job done! I try to take this every day or so.

Hair/Skin/Nails & Aesthetics: 

This last supplement doesn’t exactly fall into the inner beauty category per se, but I still group it in that category because it helps you from the inside out, that counts right? (humor me). Moving swiftly along! I like this specific brand because it reaaaaally works well and fast! My nails have become noticeably stronger since using this, and my hair is much shinier and less prone to breakage. I generally do not have problem skin *knock on skin* however I do get a couple spots around the time of the month,since using this (I still get the old hormonal spot or two) but my skin is more even, clear on the regular. YAY. Word of warning though,this stuff is potent, so I don’t recommend you take it every single day unless you want to see your waxing lady way on a weekly basis, because it doesn’t JUST grow hair on your scalp..just sayin’!

Hope you enjoyed going through my medicine cabinet..ya’ll are nosy!

Tuti xx




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sesame&me says:

    I’ve been taking my hair skin and nails everyday lol 😂😂 now I’m slightly scared after reading your tip lol


    1. tutistales says:

      Hahah. I’m sure its just the specific brand i use…😬 😅


  2. kathybruton2 says:

    B-12 has changed my life!


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