My New Adventure

Hello my mini shortbread biscuits,

This is my first official blog post. Wowee. I’ve decided to take on writing as a recent hobby/way to fill up my time. You see, many moons ago (aka 6 months) I went through the long-awaited “right of passage” that is graduating college. Yes finally, after years of struggling to stay awake in classes and studying till my eyes dried out, I was finally at the end of the tunnel. In the far  distance I could see all my hopes and dreams of being a self-employed 21st century independent woman, running her own business in the food or beauty industry…. However, that bright future was being overshadowed by a more pressing, current path that involved returning to my parents’ home , and searching for an office job in a country where there are very few prospects for anyone who wasn’t a national male (can you figure out where i’m talking about?).

*fast forwarding through months of job searching/despair *

That bring us to now; Summer 2016, no travel plans, and an excruciating abundance of free time to spare. So If you will, please indulge me as I ramble on through my summer and the adventures (i use that word loosely) that I undertake.

And with that thrilling and upbeat introduction, I bid you adieu!

Tuti xx


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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! The job market is a tough one, but blogging sure to fill some of the void 🙂 It’s a happy space!

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    1. tutistales says:

      Agnes,my first commentor! The job market is tragic, so hopefully i’ll survive. Thanks for stopping by!😊❤️

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      1. You will for sure 🙂 No problem, enjoy your adventure!

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